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Week ending 27.11.15 in pictures

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Penhaligon Newsletter 27.11.15

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Boscawen spellings 27-11-15

This week’s spellings are as follows:




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St Piran Class Newsletter Friday 27th November

This Week

This week in Maths we have been focusing on partitioning and learning our number bonds. The children need to be able to recall number bond to 10 facts quickly. One good way to practise number bonds to 10 or 20 is to play ‘Ping pong’. In this game one person says a number and the other person has to say the number required to make 10 or 20 whilst pretending to play ping pong. (Ask the children how to play for a clearer explanation). We have also started practising for our Christmas nativity this week, the children should have a copy of their lines in their reading records, please help them to learn their lines.



This week in Phonics we have learnt the ‘aw’, ‘wh’, ‘ph’ and ‘ew’ phonemes. If you have any free time please practise words with these phonemes in with your child. Next week we will be learning the ‘ew’, ‘oe’, ‘au’, and ‘ey’ phonemes you may wish to get a head start on these phonemes. Please let me know if you have lost you Phonics book from last year and would like a new one.


Home Learning

In this English this week we have been focussing on the Oliver Jeffer’s Story ‘Lost and Found’. In this story a boy finds a penguin at his door and then tries to help the penguin return to where he came from. For home learning this week I would like the children to use their imaginations to write at least one sentence explaining where they think the penguin came from. For an extra challenge why not write your own lost and found story with a different animal or write your own animal story.

Support tips:

  • Talk to your child about how they think the penguin arrived at the boy’s door.
  • Discuss different ways of travelling.
  • Encourage your child to sound out the words they want to use in their writing.
  • Ask your child what every sentence needs to begin with and end with to encourage them to remember their capital letters and full stops.
  • Encourage your child to use exciting adjectives in their writing.

FOPS Christmas raffle

We now have our list of items required by FOPS to make our Christmas hamper this year. If you would like to contribute please take the slip for the item and then bring that item in as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance for your contributions. The first class to collects all items wins a prize!


Many thanks

Rachel Kitaruth and Laura Dix


Important dates

Friday 4th December- NSPCC Bobble hat day 5op donation.

Friday 11th December- FOPS Christmas cake competition entries £1.

Friday 11th December- FOPS own clothes day, children to bring in chocolate for Christmas tombola.

Saturday 12th December- FOPS Christmas fayre.

Wednesday 16th December- Christmas Lunch.

Wednesday 16th December 2pm- Year 1 and EYFS Nativity.

Friday 18th December- Last day of Autumn Term.

Tuesday 5th January- First day of Spring Term.

Tuesday 19th January- KS1 parents invited to have lunch in school.

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Here are our stars this week…!

Hi everyone,

Another fantastic week of learning has been celebrated this afternoon; here are the stars of the week!


Aidan for fabulous home-learning!

St Piran

Adam for great resilience in phonics!

Abi for a fantastic attitude towards our play – you have shown great resilience in learning your lines!


Teyah for excellent resilience and application in her learning!

Lacey for an excellent approach to learning with fantastic results!


Eleanor for a fantastic reading diary – we are so impressed with the improvements in your reading at home!


First, here are our stars of last week (we were busy in some science learning with Mrs Ellis Davis and her science leaders!)

Jade Ansell for overcoming friendship challenges and showing learning resilience.

Sasha, Eva and Lomay for showing great collaborative learning skills in our RE session.

And, this week’s excellent learners are…

Alfie Earl for showing resilience in his friendships and always being absorbed in learning!

Sophie Barr for developing her learning resilience and setting an excellent example whilst I was away on a course!


Kimberley, Jago, Callum and Katie for reading everyday and having excellent reading records!


Tegan Wilson for showing resilience with the 99 club!

Nathan Williams for showing a more focused and absorbed attitude to learning!


Other celebrations this week…

Eryn Day for supporting the signing a slate project in Truro Cathredral!

Amy Georgelin for your fantastic Aspire gymnastic competition – well done!!

Hayley Regan for your Aspire gymnastics competition – well done!

Well done to all our Sportability stars who were fantastic ambassadors to Perranporth this week!

Billy and Jacob for successfully completing their Adventure Activity course in Exmoor!!

Willow for the wonderful entry in the creative capture competition about Newquay!

Ethan for creating a fabulous Christmas decoration – the star is beautiful – thank you for our first tree decoration of the season!

Well done to our 99 club members this week!  You are all improving your mental calculation skills!




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Boscawen Newsletter 27th November 2015

Dear Parents and Carers,

99 Club
We have launched a challenge to children across the school to become members of the 99 Club. In order to become members, they answer mental maths questions in increasing numbers on different papers. First they become members of the 11 Club by answering 11 questions in 10 minutes, when they have successfully completed that, they move to the 22 Club where there are 22 questions to answer in 10 minutes, this progresses up through 33, 44 etc until they reach the 99 Club which requires 99 questions to be answered in 10 minutes. Each week, we will send home your child’s question sheet which will show any wrong answers which they can then practise before they are tested again the following week. We are stressing that the children should aim to improve their score each week rather than expecting to move up to a new Club each week, especially as they get to the higher clubs. The children seem really motivated to practise and beat their personal bests!

We will be holding our joint Year 2, 3 and 4 Carolaire on Monday 7th December at 6pm in the School Hall. The are practising hard and can’t wait to show you their brilliant singing!

Well done to these children who got 10 out of 10:
Riley, Saffie, Kai, Sam L, Sam M and Cara.
Also congratulations to these children who have made huge progress in their spelling tests:
Jules, Noah, Molly and Maisie.

Sorry to nag, but we have nits in class again. Could you please check your child’s hair and comb with conditioner to remove any eggs or live lice that you find. Thank you!

Please feel free to pop in to see either of us or email us on or .

Thank you.
Mrs Smitheram and Mrs Burns.

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Hour of Code

This week the Code Clubbers have been taking part in the Studio Code , Hour of Code!

Great fun was had by all, creating and debugging programs with some of our favorite themes and characters such as Minecraft, Star Wars and Frozen!

Displaying IMG_2498.JPG    Displaying IMG_2499.JPG    Displaying IMG_2500.JPG

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Trengrouse Home-learning; 25.11.15

Hi everyone,

Please find the home-learning for the following week attached…

homework, number 12, 25.11.15

Mr Harris.

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Football V Archbishop Benson

On Friday 20th November Perranporth hosted Archbishop Benson in an end to end football match. It was the first round of the Cornwall Small Schools Cup. Despite a spirited performance (and a superb match from the Archbishop Benson goalkeeper) Perranporth lost 3-1. The boys showed great teamwork and never gave up and this will lead them well into future competitions. Well done to those involved, and a huge thanks to the parents who came to support in the cold weather. A special thank you to Mr Savage for setting up the pitch, refereeing and organising the refreshments, it is much appreciated.

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Penhaligon Newsletter 20.11.15

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