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Penhaligon Newsletter 22nd May 2015

Dear Parents and Carers,

Sports Day
Thank you to everyone who managed to come and watch our Sports Day. I am sure you will agree that all the children competed brilliantly and everyone had a lovely time. There are photos on the Penhaligon Class Blog.

Britain or Brazil?
Next term our topic will be ‘Britain or Brazil?’ As part of this topic, we will be making carnival costumes and we will attempt a carnival float! We would be very grateful of any donations of large boxes and collage materials that you may have. Please bring them in after the half term holiday.

Outdoor School Sessions
On Wednesday mornings next half term, we will be running Outdoor School sessions. These will take part on the beach when the tide allows and on days when this is not possible, we will do a Forest School activity in the Environmental Area. Your child will need to be in suitable clothes, e.g. sun hat, sun cream, warm coat, wellies and be prepared to be working outside whatever the weather. We will need a few extra adults to help and will put up a sheet for willing volunteers to sign up on after half term.

Next half term will have swimming lessons on Monday and Friday. We still do the lessons even if it is a bit drizzly so please ensure that your child has their kit every Monday and Friday even if it’s not sunny! They need a one piece swim suit and a towel. If your child will be using goggles, please send a note confirming that you want them to wear their goggles. Please ensure that all kit and uniform is clearly named.

The children have done their writing SATS this week, we will administer the reading and Maths SATS after half term and their final assessments will be on their reports which you will receive in July.

Head lice
Sorry to finish my newsletter like this, but we have had a case of head lice reported this morning. Could you please check your child’s hair for any lice over the holidays, thank you!

Have a lovely break and we will see you back here on Tuesday 2nd June (Monday is a staff training day.)

Thank you.

Mrs Burns and Mrs Smitheram.

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Final Celebrations of a busy Half Term – 22.05.15


Lila for being a fantastic Trevithick member – we will miss you and wish you all the best at St Agnes School after half term!

St Piran

Leon for excellent writing at home!  Well done!

Ruby for brilliant art – your clay modelling was brilliant and I loved the detail on the snail you created!


Cara for fantastic art work in our Wind in the Willows lesson.

Gracie for brilliant reading – Miss looks forward to reading with you!!


Erin for brilliant reading this week!

Matthew for scoring full marks in his reading test!

Nina for trying her best all week in her SATs


Jake Dodson Young and Anabel Salmon for fabulous Amazonian Mascot designs and thoughtful explanations!


Emily, Tegan and Brock for beautiful fruit painting for our eldery care home residents!  They will really appreciate the care and thought you put in!


Jenna for great problem solving in maths!

Abhilash for great problem solving and focus in maths!

Other Celebrations…

Jago Bell for his excellent football skills and being awarded a great trophy from Goonhavern U9’s team.

Well done to all our Mathletics champions!

Wow!  Maisie Bicknall you got a GOLD Mathletic certificate – they don’t come around often!! Well done!!!

Noah Eggleton for his Go Ape King of the Jungle certificate!

Oke for finishing the one mile fun run in St Austell!!  Wow, that’s a long way!!!IMG_3089 (1)

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After half term each class will be using the School swimming pool for swimming lessons. Our class will be going swimming on a Monday afternoon and on a Thursday morning. Each child will need to have a named swimming costume and a towel in school with them on these days. If you would like your child to wear goggles, please bring in a note confirming you give permission for your child to wear goggles whilst swimming. Armbands will be provided.


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This week in photos Friday 22nd May

Our home learning superstars . . .

006 002 (3) 002 003 004 005 002 (2) 001 001 (2) 034

We made our own mini-beasts with clay with Miss Dodson. . .

011 010 036 007    028 025 023 012

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Trevithick Class News – June 2015

Trevithick Class Newsletter – June 2015

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely break .We have a busy (and long) half term ahead! We are pleased to welcome back Mrs Price, she will be teaching the class alongside me for the next 8 weeks. We wish her all the best in her final teaching practise.


SEAL stands for Social and emotional aspects of Learning. Our theme for this half term is ‘Changes’’. Please see the attached sheet on ways of supporting your child in this area.

Reading and Homework:

All the children have a book to share with you and it is important that they do a little bit of reading every night. It is important that they bring their book-bag to school everyday. Please make a comment in your child’s reading record as this helps me assess their progress. Thank you!  Continue to read and learn the key words.


Week 1 It’s a bugs life
Week 2 It’s a bugs life
Week 3 Water and The Whale Song
Week 4 Water and the Whale Song
Week 5 Water and the Whale Song
Week 6 Ourselves (SRE week) Please see me if you have any concerns about the content of the curriculum)
Week 7 Seaside Holidays
Week 8 Seaside Holidays



Area of Learning Home learning activities
PSED See attached sheet for how you can help. Our theme is ‘Changes’.
CLL (literacy)


The letters and sounds we are learning this half term are sh, th, qu, oi, er, igh and ar Practise writing words that contain these sounds, recognising them in their reading books and in the environment. We will also be recapping all previous sounds and the tricky words.

This term we will be learning about the ‘Seaside’ and our local environment. Support your child by talking about where you live, writing and sending a postcard, investigate what holidays were like in the past – have you got any old holiday pictures we could share? Continue to practise the key words and use them to write simple sentences.

Maths  Use the sheet to continue to form all numerals correctly. Work out addition and subtraction sums remembering to put the bigger number first! Practise ‘tap and unwrap’ strategy to solve number problems beyond 10.  Collect seaside objects e.g. things found on the beach – count and sort them into sets. Count ‘beachy’ things e.g. the number of wind breaks, buckets, shells etc – make a tally chart of all the things you see at the beach.
EAD –Expressive Art and Design In music we are learning a song about holidays and listening to sounds we hear at the seaside. What sounds can you hear at home, on the beach and in town? Use objects to create a beach scene – discuss how the objects feel, smell etc. Paint or draw pictures of what you enjoy doing on your holidays. Discuss any holidays abroad and what you did, look at holiday brochures and cut and stick pictures of where you would like to go.


P.E continues to be on a Friday morning. It is essential that your child has a P.E kit (black shorts and white t-shirt) and they should wear sensible footwear. Please ensure that your child’s name is written clearly in all uniform. Trainers or plimsolls will be needed this term.

We are hoping to start swimming on Monday (1pm-2pm) and Wednesday (2pm-3-pm) Our first session will hopefully be next week (weather permitting). Your child will need their swimming costume, a towel and they can bring in goggles if needed. If you are able to help change the children or are willing to go in the pool with the children please see me as soon as possible.

 Round Up:

All offers of support for reading practise with the children in

Trevithick Class would be gratefully received – please let me know if you are able to give up some of your time.


Please continue to record significant experiences (that make you say ‘wow’) that your child has at home, for example, if they get dressed by themselves or write sums for a sibling. Please return it to school or upload it to Tapestry.  I can then celebrate these achievements with the children. They also support the judgments I make about the children when completing the foundation stage profile.

Important Dates:

5th June – Wear it Wild day

Wk beginning Monday 6th July –SRE (sex and relationships education week)

Wednesday 8th July – EYFS sports morning – 9.30am

10th July – Summer Fayre

Wednesday 15th July –Teddy Bear’s Picnic (with pre-school) 9.30am

Monday 20th July – EYFS Graduation 2.00pm

Wednesday 22nd July – Last day of term.

 Nadia Lampier, Sherry Dodson, Lizzie White, Debs Price and Helen Thipthorp

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St Piran Class Newsletter Friday 22nd May

St Piran Class Newsletter- 22nd May 2015


For your homework I would like you to complete the money worksheet. You have a collection of coins and a total at the end of the box. You need to count the coins that you have and then count on to calculate the coins needed to make the total in the box. As an extra challenge create and solve your own addition and subtraction money number sentences.

Support tips:

  • Record the total of the coins already in the box after counting them.
  • Use real coins to help your child see which coins they need to make the total.


After half term we will be revisiting some of the phase 5 phonemes which we are not so confident with. In the first week back we will be looking at ‘aw’, ‘au’, and ‘ue’. Remember to use your phonics packs to help your child practise their phonics.



After half term each class will be using the School swimming pool for swimming lessons. Our class will be going swimming on a Monday afternoon and on a Thursday morning. Each child will need to have a swimming costume and a towel in school with them on these days. Armbands will be provided.



After half term our SEAL topic will be exploring change. Miss Dodson has asked that the children bring in a photograph of themselves as a baby or a younger age to discuss how they have changed. Please could all children bring in a photograph of themselves after half term. Photographs will be returned.


Outdoor learning opportunities

After half term St Piran and Penhaligon classes will be participating in weekly outdoor based lessons. These lessons will take place on the beach when the tide allows or in our environmental area. The children need to be prepared to be outside whatever the weather on a Wednesday morning.


Many thanks

Rachel Kitaruth and the St Piran team


Important dates

Monday 25th May- 29th May – Half term

Monday 1st June- Inset day – school closed

Friday 5th June- Wear it wild day supporting WWF

Tuesday 14th July- St Piran class assembly and open afternoon.

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Save the Rainforest!

It’s the last day of our Amazing Amazon topic – we are going to be busy trying to get all of our bits together to send to a variety of charities and organisations we want to help support the Amazon and stop deforestation!

We have already had contact from Issy Griffin at Greenpeace and so yesterday begun developing our own Amazon Logos and explanations to send.

We hope to have information leaflets to send out too by the end of today and fingers crossed we will have some positive responses from Issy and other organisations in the coming weeks!


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Key Stage 1 Sports Day

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KS1 Sports Day

KS1 Sports Day 

Thank you for coming to support our Sports Day. All of the children participated in a wide range of races and events. It was great to see everyone joining in so enthusiastically and enjoying the event.

137 155 157 169 186 200 057 092 096

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Trengrouse Half Term Home-Learning; 22.05.15

Please find the home-learning for the half term break here.  We hope you have a lovely holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 2nd June!

homework, 22.05.15 half term

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