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DAVY CLASS NEWSLETRER                                                                                                                   8.12.16


Assessment week!!!

This week we haven’t been doing normal learning but tests, practicing for SATS. Don’t be alarmed they are in May and that is 5 months from now so we still have lots to learn. The tests that we have been doing involve all of the operations and also we needed a protractors  and although Davy has not learned about protractors we still had a go at it.To pass you had to get a total of 60 marks plus the scale score you have to get 100.



In p.e. this week we have been doing circuit training. In the first circuit we were spreading our arms out and having a 1 bean bag in each hand and balancing them for a minute, then we move on to the next one which was doing a line jump and seeing how many we did in 1 minute. Ten we did shuttle running from different cones and next we had to do bench push ups which was very unique. We did a lot more like balancing a ball etc.


Next week

On Monday the choir are going to the memory café then on Tuesday it is Christmas lunch and on Wednesday it is what was Tuesday lunch but now on Wednesday, and on Friday it is Christmas jumper day and you bring in 1 pound.

Jesse, Katie and Stanley

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2nd December 2016

Davy class newsletter

Quest magic

This past week year 6 have been writing very exiting quest story’s on the laptop ( Power Point)  and we have learnt how to use hyperlinks and go to different slides. You at first have a choice of 4 paths which 1 will result in death, then it narrows down to 3 paths and then 2 and then you will be victorious on your Quest and the reader chooses the path they go down.

Marvellous maths

In maths this week we have been given a reasoning maths test which some may disagree was harder than others. Most of the questions was explain your reasoning or explain your choice.

Next week

Next week there is a lot for your brain to mange to store, first it is assessment week and on Tuesday cross country and carolair and next on Wednesday it is the martial arts festival and on Friday if you bring in chocolate you can come in own clothes and on Saturday it’s the Christmas fair and even on Sunday the choir are at St Piran’s church.

Jesse, Katie and Stanley

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