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Celebrations and Stars 29.4.16 by Noah H

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celebrations and stars, 29.04.16

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St Piran Class newsletter Friday 29th April

This Week

This week we have been practising our counting skills in Maths. In particular we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and applying these skills to problem solving. In English we have continued our poetry topic and the children wrote their own brilliant senses poems with alliteration.  Our focus for PE this week has been preparing for the Sports day events. Please note Sports day is on Wednesday 25th May and begins at 1:30pm.


This week we have learnt the alternative spellings for ‘ar’, ‘or’ and ‘or’. Next week we will be revisiting the alternative spellings for ‘ow’, ‘oi’ and ‘ear’.

Home Learning

For home learning this week I would like the children to practise their multiplication skills. Children either need to practise counting in 10s, to complete the multiplication wheel or to solve the multiplication word problems. For an extra challenge why not draw your own sets or arrays to show other times tables.

Support tips:

  • We have been using our fingers to count in 10s, 2s, and 5s, this week.
  • We have also been referring to multiplication as ‘lots of’ so rather than saying 2 multiplied or times by 2 we have been saying 2 lots of 2 is 4.
  • Drawing sets/ arrays has also helped the children with their multiplication this week. Please see the pictures below.

3 x 2 =                                  ( sets of )                                    3 x 2=                       (array)3 x 23 x 2 array


Please don’t forget the children will need clothes for forest school on Tuesday.


Many thanks

Rachel Kitaruth, Laura Dix and Sam Barnes



Important dates

Thursday 19th May- Humanities day- children to dress in either historical or geographical themes.

Wednesday 25th May- Class photos

Wednesday 25th May- KS1 Sports day 1:30pm

Tuesday 7th June- St Piran class assembly 2pm onwards (Parents/carers are invited to come and watch our class assembly and look at their children’s learning in the classroom)

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