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Celebrations and Stars 22.4.16 By Noah H

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celebrations and stars, 22.04.16

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St Piran Class Newsletter

This Week

This week we continued exploring our new topic Brilliant Bodies. In English we have been learning about senses poetry and we learnt a song about our senses.  Our learning in Maths has continued with Place Value. We have been using shapes and objects to represent numbers and cracking codes to work out the hidden value of shapes. We have also been revisiting most, least, more than and less than, and using them in sentences. Yesterday we went down to the beach to create our own beach art. The children made some excellent pieces of art and were great ambassadors for our class and our school.


This week we have learnt the alternative spellings for ‘sh’, ‘ai’ and ‘igh’.’. Next week we will be revisiting the alternative spellings for ‘ar’, ‘or’ and ‘ur’.

Home Learning

For home learning this week I would like the children to write their own senses poem of their choice. They might like to use our recent beach trip for inspiration and write a beach senses poem, or perhaps they would like to write a forest based senses poem. For an extra challenge include adjectives, alliteration and similes in your poem.

Support tips:

  • Discuss the five senses with your child.
  • Help them decide where they would like to set their poem.
  • Use the sentence starters below.
  • Encourage your child to sound out when spelling.

I can see . . .

I can hear . . .

I can smell . . .

I can feel . . .

I can taste. . .

Many thanks

Rachel Kitaruth, Laura Dix and Sam Barnes



Important dates

Thursday 19th May- Humanities day- children to dress in either historical or geographical themes.

Wednesday 25th May- Class photos

Wednesday 25th May- KS1 Sports day 1:30pm

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Newsletter 22.04.16

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Lego club 22.4.16

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Water cycle lesson 20.4.16

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