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Trengrouse ICT Project We Are Researchers

Trengrouse ICT Project

We Are Researchers

As part of the ICT curriculum this term we will be using the internet to search for data used in local and national census databases.

The children would love to research something with meaning to them and so it would be useful to have any information you may have about family members or famous people that you know of who may have lived in Cornwall between the 1841 to 1901 era. We will be using websites such as


to search for people by name and/or date of birth. We will primarily be looking for what jobs these people did and who they lived with.

We will also have a list of famous people to search for, so there is no need to provide any data if you do not wish to. Furthermore, if you think it may be in any way difficult or upsetting for your family to research family history, please do not feel under pressure to provide any details and complete the second half of the reply slip.


We need permission from you to search for any family data.

A) I give permission for ____________ to research our family names using online census databases.

Please provide a list of names with year or pref date of birth on the back of this letter and return with the slip.


B)  ____________ may research famous people using online census databases


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Trengrouse Censes

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We Are Historians Resources

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Boscawen Homework Due 25.01.13

The Victorians 

Creative Topic Homework Project

This term we are learning all about The Victorians and we are creating a display wall all about our topic. For homework, we would like your child to create a poster, picture or model that states one or more interesting facts about the Victorians. This could be about children at work, traditional foods, Victorian vehicles, Victorian houses or schools or any other aspect of Victorian life.

Last terms efforts were AMAZING! Try to make it as bright and colourful as possible! If creating a poster, it could be blogged/submitted online on our learning platform at perranporth.j2webby.com using J2e. Your child knows their login or a copy can be obtained from Miss Roberson. However, the 3D models are also always very effective!


Horrible Histories – Vile Victorians  by Terry Deary






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