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Calling all digital leaders

There will be a Digital Leaders meeting at lunchtime today in Mr Houghton’s room.

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Digital Leaders @ Perranporth

Digital Leaders @ Perranporth School 

  1. DLs as Staff Trainers
  2. DLs as Digital Journalists
  3. DLs as Technical Support
  4. DLs having fun and learning new skills and tools

Digital Leaders will have the following responsibilities:


  • Maintain their own blog – sharing good teaching and learning.
  • Editing/adding to some areas of the website – celebrations and home learning
  • Write blog posts for your class and comment on other blogs across the school
  • Helping staff to upload pictures/videos to their class blogs

ICT Clubs

  • If you attend code club you can share ideas for next steps and lead a session.


  • At times, and with your class teacher’s permission, support teachers across the school when they teach ICT and use new hardware or software
  • Organise ICT competitions e.g.
  • Be a point of contact for any Esafety concerns, log these and report them to Miss Roberson or Mrs Kelly.
  • Keep a detailed log of any technical issues in your classrooms and record these in the ICT log for Miss Roberson/Mr Pascoe.
  • Possibly attend events and other schools to share ICT learning
  • Attend after-school training for staff and parents – with your parents’ permission of course!
  • Trial new software as required

Miss R will:

  • Make sure you have enough training and accounts with a suitable level of responsibility to manage the tasks above
  • Provide you with software to trial so that you can use it as part of the ICT club
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