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Pendennis Trip Friday 10th March

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Davy class newsletter                                   16.03.2017



In literacy this week we have been writing all about WW2-The blitz. Davy class has been writing about characters that are in the middle of the blitz in WW2 when the Germans or in those days known as the Gerry’s.


In maths this week we have been learning about percentages e.g.

10% of 300. =30

5% of 300=15

20% of 300 =60


In PE this week we have been doing basket ball shooting and passing the ball. Try it a home, and we also used 3 different passing techniques

Next week

Monday is a spelling bee

Wednesday yr5 and 6 football and fops Easter bingo

Thursday is mother’s day fundraiser

Friday is comic relief


By Jesse, Katie and Stanley

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Chair Making

After receiving 50 diamond tickets, Davy class were eligible to a lesson of their choice. Ruby suggested a design and technology lesson and Martha suggested that we could make chairs. In order to complete the task, the children separated into small groups and were allowed 20 newspapers and 1 roll of masking tape.

Mr Lara was invited to test the chairs and he scored them on appearance,  comfort and stability. The “Electric Symmetric” chair won with 25 out of a possible 30 marks. This chair was designed and made by Jesse, Stanley, Tyler, Alfie and Guy who shared a small prize.

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We carried out a fair test to find out which material was the most absorbent.IMG_3825 IMG_3824 IMG_3823 IMG_3822 IMG_3821 IMG_3820 IMG_3819 IMG_3818 IMG_3817 IMG_3816 IMG_3815 IMG_3814 IMG_3813 IMG_3812 IMG_3811 IMG_3809 IMG_3808

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Davy class newsletter


This week in Davy class we have been writing booklets and leaflets on how to survive a natural disaster out of tornado, earthquake, tsunami, volcanos or hurricanes. They have been coming out with tons of facts and pictures.


In I.C.T we have been having loads of fun with Miss Roberson. We are in the process of planning our own news reports on Japanese Tsunami’s in groups of three and acting it out which is loads of fun.


In music we have been attempting to make beautiful songs on the ukulele which is really enjoyable which is making us want to learn more and more.

Marvellous MATHS

In maths this week we have been adding and subtracting fractions. Its hard but all you have to do is take away the numerator, or add the numerator if adding.

Katie, Stanley and Jesse

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Davy class newsletter                            15/12/16


Luscious literacy,

In literacy this week we have been writing a set of instructions of how to mummify a person. First you have to make sure the body is actually dead and then you wash it in Nile water and wine. Next you get a metal hook and put it up the nose and wiggle it about until the brain comes out. Then you get obsidian and make a hole in the left hip and then take out the intestines, liver the stomach and lungs. And I will not go on any longer.


Marvellous maths

In maths this week we have been doing 2 different things, first we have been doing finding the middle between 2 decimal numbers, here is 1 to try at home, find the middle between 1.8 and 8.8. and we have been doing word problems.

Joke time : have you tried to  eat a clock… you shouldn’t, its very TIME consuming

By Stanley, Jesse and Katie (the joke is all Stanley’s)

The Gardens Charities are paying for courses on AED and CRP for anyone to take part.  They will be on the following Sundays:

January 15th 9 – 12.30pm or 1 – 4.30pm

January 22nd 9 – 12.30pm

January 22nd 1 – 4.30pm is a session available for under 16s only – there are 10 spaces available if anyone in yr 6 is interested?

January 29th 9 – 12.30pm or 1 – 4,30pm


If you could let me know if anyone would be interested in this opportunity or even as a refresher, please just email their names and contact details and the date and time they would wish to come.


Kind Regards


Tanya Higgins

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E-safety is an important part of our Computing Curriculum at school . Please use the link below to complete the quiz! There will be a prize for the class that completes the most! Make sure you add your full name at the beginning!

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DAVY CLASS NEWSLETRER                                                                                                                   8.12.16


Assessment week!!!

This week we haven’t been doing normal learning but tests, practicing for SATS. Don’t be alarmed they are in May and that is 5 months from now so we still have lots to learn. The tests that we have been doing involve all of the operations and also we needed a protractors  and although Davy has not learned about protractors we still had a go at it.To pass you had to get a total of 60 marks plus the scale score you have to get 100.



In p.e. this week we have been doing circuit training. In the first circuit we were spreading our arms out and having a 1 bean bag in each hand and balancing them for a minute, then we move on to the next one which was doing a line jump and seeing how many we did in 1 minute. Ten we did shuttle running from different cones and next we had to do bench push ups which was very unique. We did a lot more like balancing a ball etc.


Next week

On Monday the choir are going to the memory café then on Tuesday it is Christmas lunch and on Wednesday it is what was Tuesday lunch but now on Wednesday, and on Friday it is Christmas jumper day and you bring in 1 pound.

Jesse, Katie and Stanley

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2nd December 2016

Davy class newsletter

Quest magic

This past week year 6 have been writing very exiting quest story’s on the laptop ( Power Point)  and we have learnt how to use hyperlinks and go to different slides. You at first have a choice of 4 paths which 1 will result in death, then it narrows down to 3 paths and then 2 and then you will be victorious on your Quest and the reader chooses the path they go down.

Marvellous maths

In maths this week we have been given a reasoning maths test which some may disagree was harder than others. Most of the questions was explain your reasoning or explain your choice.

Next week

Next week there is a lot for your brain to mange to store, first it is assessment week and on Tuesday cross country and carolair and next on Wednesday it is the martial arts festival and on Friday if you bring in chocolate you can come in own clothes and on Saturday it’s the Christmas fair and even on Sunday the choir are at St Piran’s church.

Jesse, Katie and Stanley

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