St Piran Newsletter Thursday 25th May

St Piran – Home learning – Thursday 25th May 2017



For home learning this week I would like the children to practise talking about what they’ve been doing!  Talking about things really helps children to order their ideas so that their writing makes better sense.

On the first Monday back, I will be asking the children to write a recount of their holiday.  It will give them extra confidence if they’ve had the chance to talk their ideas through before coming into school.


Support tips

  • Talk to your child about a particular day or activity.
  • Ask them questions about it. Can you remember the name of where we went? Which part did you enjoy most?  What happened after that? Can you remember what we did first? Etc.
  • It’s not necessary to write anything down. If you wish you extend your child’s learning further, encourage them to draw pictures of the events in order or to use words such as first, then, after, finally when they talk about the events of the day. (It is better to focus on 1 activity/day out rather than try and order the whole week – we’re not writing a diary)


Children may bring a small souvenir to help remind them of a day out.  It could be a leaflet/ticket about an activity or a stone/leaf they found at the park/beach/garden.


The Phonics Screening Check will be taking place the week beginning the 12th June. Please continue to practise reading, phonics and spellings wherever you can.




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