St Piran Class Newsletter Friday 10th February

This week we have been learning about measuring in our Maths. The children have been measuring using cubes and are beginning to measure and record in cm. In our English we wrote our own rescue stories. We have been very impressed with the children’s imaginative writing.


This term we will be continuing our Phase 5 in Phonics. This week we have been learning about the alternative pronunciations of ‘g’, ‘c’ and ‘ey’. After half term we will be learning the alternative pronunciations of ‘j’, ‘m’ and ‘n’.

Home Learning

This week in English we have been learning all about the story ‘Soggy to the Rescue’. This story is about a boy called Jack, his Grandfather and a stolen teddy bear. Set in St Ives, the story tells of how Patrick the teddy bear is stolen by a sea gull.  Soggy, another teddy bear, is harnessed to a kite and with the help of Jack manages to save Soggy.  For homework this week I would like the children to draw a picture of their favourite character from the story. Then I would like the children to write words about the character around them. For example you might choose the seagull and write naughty, unkind, huge, around your picture. As an extra challenge your child might like to have a go at writing why they have chosen the character. For example, I like Soggy because he is brave.

Support tips:

  • Talk to your child about the story.
  • Discuss their favourite character and adjectives they could use to describe them.
  • Encourage your child to sound out the words they want to use in their writing.

For optional extra home learning activities over the half term read regularly, practise addition/subtraction number sentences and word problems, keep a diary of your holiday or write your own rescue story.

Mrs Barbery

Unfortunately we say goodbye to Mrs Barbery at the end of this week. She has been a fantastic support to the children and we will all miss her and wish her good luck in the future.


Dates for your Diary and Reminders

We are a nut free school. We kindly ask that children do not bring in nuts or obvious nut products as part of their snack or lunches.


Monday 13th-Friday 17th February- Half term

Wednesday 22nd February- Parents Meeting day. Non-pupil Inset day with appointments running from 8:30am-5:30pm.

Wednesday 2nd March- World Book Day

Friday 17th March- St Piran to provide cakes for FOPS cake sale. (No nuts please)


St Piran Team

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