St Piran Class newsletter Friday 23rd September

This Week

This week in English we have been learning about labels and captions. We went to the storytelling area and wrote our own labels and captions for things we could see on the building site. In Science we continued our learning on Materials. We discussed different materials we saw on the building site and what they were being used for.


This week in Phonics we have revisited ‘z’, ‘y’, ‘qu’ and ‘ch’. Next week we will be revisiting ‘sh’, ‘th’ ‘ng’ and ‘ai’.


Hearing check

On Wednesday 28th September members of St Piran Class will be having a hearing check. Please contact the office if you have any further questions or concerns about the hearing test.


Home Learning

This week in our Maths we have been continuing our learning on Place Value. For home learning this week I would the children to read the number and then complete one more and one less than the number. For extra home learning this weekend find one more and one less for two digit numbers.

Support tips:

  • Draw a number line to remind children of the order of numbers from 1-10.
  • Use objects (colouring pencils, counters, teddies) to make amounts to show children the number and the number that is one more and one less.
  • Use a search engine to search for 100 splat square which is an interactive 100 square that we use in class, the children love using this. Numbers can be marked off in different colours which helps the children with the order of numbers.


Chartwells parent lunch

KS1 parents are invited to have lunch at school on Tuesday the 4th October. More information to follow.


Dates for your Diary and Reminders

We are a nut free school. We kindly ask that children do not bring in nuts or obvious nut products as part of their snack or lunches.

Year 1 children now leave through the Fire Exit in between Year 1 and Year 2.


Wednesday 28th September- year 1 hearing screening

Thursday 29th September- BLP workshop 3:30pm

Tuesday 4th October- KS1 parent lunch

Thursday 13th October- Individual School photos

Thursday 13th October- Phonics workshop 3:30pm

Thursday 20th October- Trevithick and St Piran Harvest Festival St Michael’s church 9:45am

Friday 21St October- St Piran to provide cakes for the FOPS bake sale

Friday 21st October- FOPS Halloween disco

Monday 24th-Friday 28th October- Half term

Monday 31st October- Inset day school closed to pupils

Wednesday 14th December- Trevithick and St Piran Nativity performance pm


Many thanks

St Piran Team

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