St Piran Class Newsletter Friday 24th June

This Week

This week we went to Newquay Zoo. The children had an excellent time and got to see many different animals. In our workshop we got to find out more about hissing cockroaches, African land snails and millipedes. Please visit our class blog to see more photos of our visit. In Maths this week we have been revisiting time and learning how to tell the time and to draw the time on to clock faces.



This week we have revisited ‘ir’, ‘oy’ and ‘ea’. Next week we will be revisiting ‘ie’, ‘ou’ and ‘ay’.

Home learning

For Home Learning this week I would like the children to practise reading the time and then drawing the time on the sheet provided. For an extra challenge why not practise quarter past and quarter to times on a clock face or using a real clock.

Support tips:

  • Use a real clock or watch to help children see the difference between the two hands.
  • In the classroom the children have learnt that the long hand is for minutes and the short hand is for hours.

Many thanks

Rachel Laity, Kay Barbery and Sam Barnes


Important dates

Friday 15th July- Summer fair

Friday 22nd July- Last day of term

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