Class newsletter Friday 5th February

This Week

This week we have been learning about multiplication in our Maths. The children have been excellent at making sets to show the multiplication facts. In English we have continued our study of ‘Soggy to the rescue’ and made our own freeze frames to retell the story. We created our own flotilla collages in Art & Design this week and started to use our handwriting books to practise our letters.


This week we have learnt the alternative pronunciations for ‘ch’, ‘c’, ‘g’ and ‘ey’. Next week we will be beginning to look at alternative spellings. We will be learning ‘j’, ‘m’, and ‘n’.

Home learning

This week in English we have been learning all about the story ‘Soggy to the Rescue’. This story is about a boy called Jack, his Grandfather and a stolen teddy bear. Set in St Ives, the story tells of how Patrick the teddy bear is stolen by a sea gull.  Soggy, another teddy bear, is harnessed to a kite and with the help of Jack manages to save Soggy.  For homework this week I would like the children to write about their favourite part of the story and explain why. For example ‘My favourite part of the story is when the school children help to look for Patrick because I would like to help in the search for a missing bear.’ For an extra challenge why not write your own adventure story where a character is stolen.

Support tips:

  • Talk to your child about the story.
  • Discuss their favourite part.
  • Encourage your child to sound out the words they want to use in their writing.
  • Encourage your child to rehearse their sentence before writing it down.

Special Write

Next week we will be writing our own rescue stories based on Soggy to the rescue in our Special Write on Wednesday.  The children will be using their own ‘baddy’ character and changing how Patrick is rescued at the end of the story. The children are well prepared for this but it may help them if you discuss their story ideas with them.


Many thanks

Rachel Kitaruth and Laura Dix


Important dates

Monday 15th February- Friday 19th February- Half term

Monday 22nd February- Inset day No school for pupils

Tuesday 1St March, Thursday 3rd March- Parents evenings

Friday 18th March- St Piran class to provide cakes for the FOPS cake sale

Thursday 24th March- Last day of the Spring term

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