Penhaligon Newsletter 10-1-14

10th January 2014

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back and a happy new year! The children have returned refreshed and ready for the new term ahead. Earlier in the week we had a special assembly about behaviour and doing our best and the class has certainly taken this on board.

Our topic this term is ‘Fire and Ice’ and we are starting off with the ‘Ice’ part. Below is an overview of the subject areas we will be covering.


Changing Materials: What happens to materials when they are heated or cooled?

Carry out cooling investigations.


What can we find out about life in the Polar regions?

Compare the Arctic landscape to that of our own.

Learn how the way of living for Inuit people is very different from ours.

Learn about Polar exploration.

Learn about the different animals that live in Polar regions, and how they are suited to their environment.


Study winter scenes by different artists.

Colour mixing to create ‘cold’ paintings.

Using ICT programs to create winter scenes.


In Literacy we will read and retell ‘The Rainbow Bear’ by Michael Morpurgo using drama and story maps. In writing we will focus on joining sentences using connectives like but, or, so, because and think about how to start our sentences in different ways. We will develop story language and organize our sentences into paragraphs.

In Number we will further develop our understanding of place value. We will explore different strategies to help us add and subtract 2 and 3-digit numbers in a range of contexts. We will also continue to learn and practice the x3 and x4 tables. You can support your child by practicing these at home.

This term we are starting a new PE scheme – Real PE. This is a new approach to teaching PE which concentrates on emotional and thinking skills alongside physical skills. Please ensure your child has trainers in their PE kit.

Please continue to read regularly with your child at home. It is important that they become more confident and fluent readers. In Book Club this term we will begin to read some SATS-style stories to help prepare the children for their end of year 2 tests. Regular reading and discussion of books at home will benefit your child enormously.

Please note there is a slight change to homework and spelling. For homework the children have been given a small project to complete over the next few weeks. You will find details of this inside their homework book. Also, your child will now be given a spelling test every Tuesday instead of Friday so that they have longer to learn them at home. Please support your child with learning their spellings every week which you will find in their little red book.

 Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs. Willetts and Mrs. Burns (Class teachers)

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