Davy class newsletter                                                              15/06/17



This week we have been practicing the play, we had our Tuesday assembly all about our lovely time at camp and performed our experiences.

Sports Day

At 1:15 pm we did sports day and for the first time in years, the  weather was on our side.Droskyen and Boligny were 15 points apart. For once Bolingy won beating Chapel rock, Droysken and Perrancoome.

Den building day

This den building day, we are building dens in the environmental area out of anything you can bring from home, also you can bring your things home or you can leave them up. Mr mcGowan is going to pour water over us to see if it is waterproof.

Class photo

On the 19th of June we have our school photos so make sure you’re looking smart and happy.


By Jesse and Amber

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