Davy class newsletter                            15/12/16


Luscious literacy,

In literacy this week we have been writing a set of instructions of how to mummify a person. First you have to make sure the body is actually dead and then you wash it in Nile water and wine. Next you get a metal hook and put it up the nose and wiggle it about until the brain comes out. Then you get obsidian and make a hole in the left hip and then take out the intestines, liver the stomach and lungs. And I will not go on any longer.


Marvellous maths

In maths this week we have been doing 2 different things, first we have been doing finding the middle between 2 decimal numbers, here is 1 to try at home, find the middle between 1.8 and 8.8. and we have been doing word problems.

Joke time : have you tried to  eat a clock… you shouldn’t, its very TIME consuming

By Stanley, Jesse and Katie (the joke is all Stanley’s)

The Gardens Charities are paying for courses on AED and CRP for anyone to take part.  They will be on the following Sundays:

January 15th 9 – 12.30pm or 1 – 4.30pm

January 22nd 9 – 12.30pm

January 22nd 1 – 4.30pm is a session available for under 16s only – there are 10 spaces available if anyone in yr 6 is interested?

January 29th 9 – 12.30pm or 1 – 4,30pm


If you could let me know if anyone would be interested in this opportunity or even as a refresher, please just email their names and contact details and the date and time they would wish to come.


Kind Regards


Tanya Higgins

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