Boscawen Newsletter 27th November 2015

Dear Parents and Carers,

99 Club
We have launched a challenge to children across the school to become members of the 99 Club. In order to become members, they answer mental maths questions in increasing numbers on different papers. First they become members of the 11 Club by answering 11 questions in 10 minutes, when they have successfully completed that, they move to the 22 Club where there are 22 questions to answer in 10 minutes, this progresses up through 33, 44 etc until they reach the 99 Club which requires 99 questions to be answered in 10 minutes. Each week, we will send home your child’s question sheet which will show any wrong answers which they can then practise before they are tested again the following week. We are stressing that the children should aim to improve their score each week rather than expecting to move up to a new Club each week, especially as they get to the higher clubs. The children seem really motivated to practise and beat their personal bests!

We will be holding our joint Year 2, 3 and 4 Carolaire on Monday 7th December at 6pm in the School Hall. The are practising hard and can’t wait to show you their brilliant singing!

Well done to these children who got 10 out of 10:
Riley, Saffie, Kai, Sam L, Sam M and Cara.
Also congratulations to these children who have made huge progress in their spelling tests:
Jules, Noah, Molly and Maisie.

Sorry to nag, but we have nits in class again. Could you please check your child’s hair and comb with conditioner to remove any eggs or live lice that you find. Thank you!

Please feel free to pop in to see either of us or email us on or .

Thank you.
Mrs Smitheram and Mrs Burns.

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